My wife and I recently paid $5,000 in cash to Marlena Martin and she promised my wife a title. However someone else was crowned. My wife and I tried to talk to Marlena face-to-face after the event but she kept avoiding us and refuses to return our calls, text messages and emails. Of course we did not get our money back either. This meant a lot to my wife because she has competed in other pageants and was never chosen. We told Marlena this and she promised, she guaranteed that if my wife paid an extra fee than she will win the title. Now Marlena is trying to do more pageants and *** more unsuspecting women. Beware. This organization is run by one person, Marlena and she keeps all the money and tries to get the competitors and queens to do all the work that the director is supposed to do. She is very dishonest, unfair, over-aggressive, and will say or do whatever it takes to get you to do what she wants. Her physical address is not even listed on her website. Legitimate pageants at least have an office.

DO NOT enter her pageants in CA or any other state that she is trying to expand too. Marlena does nothing for her winners except take their money. She offers no guidance, career direction or marketing. She is not good like the other reputable and established pageants out there.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Thats your karma for being a dishonest cheat yourself. Lol youre a fine one to talk about dishonesty. Wow!

Plainfield, New Jersey, United States #1277846

What kind of contest is this? You paid $5000 to win? You sound like the dishonest one

Appleton, Wisconsin, United States #1244328

Lol. Really you that ***

Cedar Grove, New Jersey, United States #1242904

I wouldn't crown that face for $500K

Wilmington, Delaware, United States #1202855

Champ give me $4000 and I will get that crown for your bride, I will nab it from the bimbo that own it

Armada, Michigan, United States #1202848

Come on slim, you ditch out big coin for a title. Use that kind of money on a overseas vacation, in the long run your ball and chain have longer/better memories than a $5000 crown

Des Moines, Iowa, United States #1196819

What? I thought everything posted on the internet was the honest truth, no matter who posted it?


HILARIOUS how readers can't seem to discern that this is obviously a SPOOF/PARODY "review"...

to Anonymous #1145790

That's the problem, people don't want to come here and read all the fake trolling *** that certain kids and immature people that have nothing better to do with their lives post on here

Orange, California, United States #1084266

what the *** is wrong with you?! this is a piece of trash complaint that sounds too ridiculous to be real. Your wife should win a pageant because she earned it if your going to cry about whats fair.


oh no you tried to scam a bunch of other competitors and got scammed in return... I'm sure there's a Mother Goose tale your parents should have read you when you were small that would have taught you all you need to know about this situation.


Sorry, I cannot feel sorry for you. You should have known or at least suspected that this was bogus.

I can understand winning and losing, been there and done that, but if anyone thinks I am so *** to cough up 5K to win a meaningless contest, they are barking up the wrong Tree. I hope you have discovered that this World is nether Fair nor Harmless, predators abound.



Its sad that we live in a society where people will spend 5,000$ on something so vain. I am reasonably sure that within 5 square miles of you are families that could desperately use that money for items such as food, clothing, education, healthcare.

You and your wife might actually gain some self-esteem from the experience of volunteering and donating to a worthy cause, rather than enriching an already corrupt and morally polluted vanity play. For the men here talking about giving this poor woman a pearl necklace or otherwise, grow up.

Men like you make the rest of us look no better than the average ape.

Oceanside, California, United States #1058888

This is a joke guys!


Hey ***...why the *** are u trying to buy a crown, and for $5000 no less? That just makes me sick!

It's people like u why this world is getting more *** up all the time. I can see why she's never gotten a crown. Hot enough to ***, but not hot enough to be crowned.

I'll crown her face with my seed, and you don't even have to bribe me with $5000. But I'll take it if u want


buying titles? I'm glad she didn't win.

Rich people in America think they can just buy easy street. It's disgusting.


so you saying she's only worth $5000? LMAO!!

sad sad puppies you both are. Go spend it at a quack to read your heads and dig deep down to find where all those insecurities stem from. Or better still run your own pageant in your backyard where you can title yourselves everything imaginable. Hire a photographer & camera man....get an event planner...invite the neighbourhood ...

get in a caterer and then re watch it all on your big *** screen tv over and over and over again! Idiots!


Is your Wife's self esteem so low that she feels she needs a crown to prove she is special? That money would have been better spent on counseling to rebuild her self image.

What you think of her should be the only opinion that matters in her life. I wish you well on bringing attention this person and their scam.

I suggest calling an investigative news person about what happened. Good luck.


You wanted to buy the TITLE ?


I know this well about this pageant system - anyone who get involves with WOA should run away!! Everyone who wins paid for their title and Marlena Martin is a joke!

Anyone who has won one of her title has paid for it in money I can promise you that! Many pageants work this way but I know for a fact that this one does for sure!

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