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Tainted Pageant

I would like to share with all of you my story. You can say I am a beauty pageant aficionado. I have been to countless beauty contest, from small local pageants to international well known pageant. I been a mentor, judge and participated of such pageants as well. I came across a pageant goes by the name of Woman of Achievements Ms. United States of America. I began to gather more information about this pageant and followed a few of the ladies who competed this pass weekend in Long Beach, California venue in Queen Mary. I made it a point to attend the competition as I was captivated by the theory of the competition.

I was a bit let down from the moment the competition begun. First I was under the impression that close to 40 participants that where listed to compete in their website would be there that day. Yet, only 11 contestants on the Ms. division participated that day and 3 contestants from the Miss division. Furthermore, I became very confused as well when I realized that some of the girls have switched age divisions for the national competition. Since I had been following this pageant for months, I had seen months earlier that Ms. Southern California, Alexandra Nicole, had won that tile yet the day of the international competition she competed in the Miss division and won. I was a bit taken back by this realization that I went back to the Facebook pages and checked and there was the confirmation with pictures that there had been a last minute change.

It was also the first time I see that not one of the previous Queens where present to pass over their crown the new Queens. Ironically, it was like they where ghost in that ship and nobody questioned it or mention why they where not present in that important day.

The pageant had their first Mrs. Asia pageant as well this year. And after doing some research with contestants and people who know more about this pageant. I was informed that there had been no competition for that title. The crown was "given" to queen with no competition and a staged pageant was posted with pictures. Something unheard of in the world of pageantry.

The competition it self on Sunday, Nov. 9, 2014 was a mystery in it self. As I previously I stated, I have been in pageants for about two decades and its not my first dance. Yet, the awards given had nothing to do with the performance of this girls. From the Physique award which there should of not been a question on who's was suppose to be the winner to the best gowns another obvious winner. Neither of this awards had been given to its correct winner. This are very direct awards with no question on them and you can judged for your self a take a look at pictures of the competition as well as the video which will be posted as soon as it arrives to me.

I realized that this pageant takes into account heavily the interview, platform and talent portion. Which I attended the talent and the speeches, speeches that where infomercials not speeches. I am not sure if the guidelines and specifications where provided to the girls in order for them to present a speech not an infomercial. Yet, the winner of the best "speeches" presented her infomercial for all of us on Sunday.

I am sharing my experience of this pageant because I was so heartbroken and felt for all of this beautiful ladies and woman who took countless hours of their time for months to prepare, and an a economical input to a pageant that is sadly more interested in their self interest and ambition. All this ladies are looking for is a fare shot to compete on the same level as the rest. You will ask how can I make this claim? Well, when awards and not given to the correct winners and there are discrepancies on them, its the sad and old story of Tainted Pageants. Many of the competitors will agree with this article and have their own story's to tell which I truly encourage you to Speak Out. Its not the competitors fault this type of people run pageants for their own growth and will continue to hurt and use more girls for years to come. All I hope is that with my story and can prevent future girls from such pageants and will be a bit more knowledge about their decisions and competitions they will engage in. If the competition on Sunday was legit, then I am sure they will have not problem with sharing All of the participants scores with its public to see as even a presidential election allows for this kind of verification.

Thank you Beautiful Ladies...

Over the past weekend, I was very lucky to be in the audience to witness a beauty pageant which Marlena Martin is the owner and the director. The pageant called Woman of Achievement. Overall, only 11 contestants in this pageant while the website listed over 40 beautiful pictures of the contestant. The winner for the Miss division is Alexandra Nicole which I notice on her FB, her title was Ms. Southern California and this title was change from a Miss to a Ms division which is not the right way it supposed to be. Also this title was recently change a day before the final night, I wonder if anyone ever question that? In addition, during the crowning moment, none of her queens from the previous year come back to crown the new queens which is odd. I heard the rumors that one of her queen resigned from the title due to the reason that she was unhappy with this organization. I addition, this organization has their first Mrs. Asia pageant and there’s no competition at all, however during the cultural pageant, she has one of the lady in her sash and crown walk out to the audience and name herself Mrs. Asia WOA, how is that supposed to happen if there are no completion? On her FB, she has pictures with all the girls in the background who’s not even the actual contestants. How are you supposed to be a winner if there are no actual pageant? I was wondering how much these women need to pay before they can get the sash and crown as Woman of Achievement queens? At the pageant on Sunday, the contestant that I though should be the winner end up not making it to the top 5. Are the judges blind? Or the result was switch due to money? Being in the audience, I can see that this pageant is a very low class pageant, the stage doesn’t seem nice, there’s no backdrop, the winners are all old and ugly women, how can you call them a beauty queens? I was wondering how they are judging these women. It’s very disappointed and waste of money and time. I feel bad for the contestants for wasting their time and effort without knowing the organization already pre-pick their queens.

Reason of review: Unfair Pageant .

I didn't like: Unfair, Fixed, Scam.

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Montclair, California, United States #1235059

I see this is an older thread... however as a competitor from one of her first pageants (before she renamed it Women of Achievement) I can tell you that her previous queens most likely didn't show up because she still owed them money!

She is the MOST unorganized scatterbrained pageant director. I won a scholarship and never received the money.. when I confronted her she told me "oh no, it's a bond so I can't give it to you directly".

WHAT?! Don't waste your money!


I can tell you of 3 women i know for sure bought and paid for their titles - it is very true with this pageant system - I also witnessed someone winning and her crown was not given because another contestant spent more money than her. #truth


Man, oh, man. Marlena Martin is trying to build a pageant for accomplished young ladies and women, and the nay sayers are coming at her from everywhere.

Name one award given at her pageant last November that was not earned. What, are you feeling the heat because her pageant is growing?


Oh.....haven't you heard. You must pay Marlene a $5000 bribe to even be considered for a crown

to Hahahaha2015 #1017898

Well, young lady, this is an outright lie. There is only one title awarded for most revenue brought into the pageant.

This is a true platform, community service and interview based pageant. I won two awards and a crown and paid nothing but my entry fee. However, a young lady showed up with nothing to contribute but her looks.

My advice to her, enter the USA system. WOA is looking for ladies who have more to contribute than a heavily made up face, not ladies who are convinced they are the next Miss Universe.

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